Who is supporting Andy Steinberg for Select Board?

I am so happy Andy is running for Select Board. He’s caring, reasonable, thoughtful, and effective. And having already chaired the Finance Committee and the Regional School District Planning Board, he may be the best qualified candidate of our lifetime!
— Andy Churchill
Andy will bring a wealth of experience with him to the job. His dedication and leadership on the Finance Committee and other key town committees make him an ideal candidate for Select Board. He will be fair, objective and considerate of the needs of all.
— Marilyn & Jeff Blaustein
Knowledgeable, experienced, pragmatic, sincere, and truly dedicated to making Amherst a town that works for everyone.
— Phil Jackson
Andy Steinberg’s deep experience with the finances of our town, schools, and library combined with his background helping people in need is exactly what I want on our Select Board!
— Clare Bertrand

Nolan Anaya
Gregg Andersen
Gavin Andresen
Christian Appy
Katherine Appy
Clare Bertrand
Glen Bertrand
Jeff Blaustein
Marilyn Blaustein
Steve Braun
Bernard Brennan
Eric Broudy
Nate Budington
Andy Churchill
Jackie Churchill
Alison Curphey
Bob DiCarlo
Kent Faerber
Scottie Faerber
Nick Grabbe
Aaron Kropf
Christine Gray-Mullen

Peter Gray-Mullen
Harrison Gregg
Nancy Gregg
Martha Hanner
James Hanner
Valerie Ivy
Carol Johnson
Dolly Jolly
Jerry Jolly
Jan Klausner-Wise
John Kick
Niels la Cour
Sarah la Cour
Carolyn Mailler
Tony Maroulis
Kay Moran
Eric Nakajima
Jonathan O'Keeffe
Daniel Reif
Irv Rhodes
Barry Roberts

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Al Sax
Carol Slaughter
Audrey Smith
Sarah Swartz
Joe Swartz
Baer Tierkel
Jessica Wilkinson

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