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Collaboration with all the stakeholders in Amherst is critical to getting anything done. That will require that the Town Council listens to people, considers their views and needs, and explains its decision. Andy has always been guided by values of transparency and collaboration in his professional work as well as his work in the community

For example, as chair of the Finance Committee and co-chair of the Budget Coordinating Committee, he worked effectively with members of the School Committee and Superintendent, Library Trustees and Director, and Select Board members and Town Manager to create budgets that had wide support when presented to Town Meeting.

To preserve our quality of life and fulfill our vision for Amherst, we need to work with everyone who lives in town as well as:

  • Neighborhood groups
  • Environmental groups that will help to make our community greener
  • Our business community
  • The University and Colleges
  • Entrepreneurs who will create new businesses
  • Creative people who will add to the fabric of our community.